Sunday, December 20, 2009

Adolf Hitler Pictures in Modern Art

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Hitler art by Noma Bar

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Photo Montage "Will you play with me, Mr. Hitler?", Paris 1940th

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In the exhibition "Hitler and Stalin blind lame", the Museum Ludwig in Cologne on Saturday political photomontages of the Paris newspaper "Marianne". in Paris. in Paris. Die Fotomontage zeigt Adolf Hitler im Ballett-Tutu. The photomontage shows Adolf Hitler Ballet Tutu. Sie erschien im Jahr 1940. It appeared in 1940

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To put past petty tiffs in proper perspective, Greek station Galaxy 92 put together a set of print ads called "DOGMA" with help from Lowe out of Athens. Each features a country-traumatizing dictator bearing features of a beloved pop icon, coupled with music-related manifestos rich in iron-fist conviction. Be-fro'ed Hitler at left soberly states "Black people are the future of music," while Mao Tse-Tung spouts, "Hard rock is the real cultural revolution." Stalin, of course, says "I bless America for rock n' roll."

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Ben Kunz over at Thought Gadgets drew our obliging eyes to the latest manifestation of Hitler. This time it's for Rasayana, the anti-stress tea. It might be overstating it to suggest Hitler would've been a totally different dude if he were more of a tea drinker, but you never know. At least one blogger has suggested to us that clutching a hot beverage generally makes you nicer.

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