Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Adolf Hitler Pictures with his Staff

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Karl-Jesko von Puttkamer, in leather greatcoat with the rank of Fregattenkapitän, conversing with Hitler. behind is Heinz Linge

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Adolf Hitler and Albert Bormann at party reception at Führerbau, 25 February 1939

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The historic 30th January 1933 in Berlin. After the first sitting of the Cabinet chaired by the Chancellor Adolf Hitler, at 1 / 2 7 clock evening in the Chancellery. In the front row from left to right: Prime Minister Hermann Göring, the Reich Chancellor Adolf Hitler, and Vice-Chancellor Franz von Papen. In the second row, from left to right: Minister Lutz Graf Schwerin von Krosigk, Minister of the Interior Dr. Wilhelm Frick, Minister of War Werner von Blomberg, and the former Reich Minister of Food, Dr. Alfred Hugenberg.

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The German Fascists formed on 30 January 1933 after the seizure of her first cabinet under Adolf Hitler. From left to right, seated : Hermann Göring (the Reich Commissioner for Air and the Prussian Interior Ministry), Adolf Hitler (Chancellor), and Franz von Papen (Vice Chancellor). Standing : Franz Seldte (Labor Minister), Dr. Günther Gereke, Lutz Graf Schwerin von Krosigk (Finance Minister), Wilhelm Frick (Reichsminister), Werner von Blomberg (Minister of Defense), and Alfred Hugenberg (Economic and Food Minister)

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Adolf Hitler and Gerhard Engel

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Adolf Hitler posed with his staff at Wolfsschanze, June 1940. The line up as follow, first row : Wilhelm Brückner,Otto Dietrich, Wilhelm Keitel, Hitler, Alfred Jodl, Martin Bormann, Nicholas von Below, and Heinrich Hoffmann. Second row : Johannes Engel. Dr. Karl Brandt, Jesko von Puttkamer above Keitel's cap, Karl-Heinrich Bodenshatz, Heinz Lorenz partially obscured by Bodenshatz, Walter Hewel above Hitler's head, man in glasses unknown, Rudolf Schmundt, Julius Schaub above Jodl's head, Max Wünsche, Karl Wolff, Theodor Morell, and Hans Georg Schulze.

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