Saturday, December 5, 2009

Adolf Hitler Pictures When Launching His Ships

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Adolf Hitler visiting Light Cruiser Karlsruhe. 1: Hitler, 2: Leopold Siemens, 3: Werner von Blomberg, 4: Erich Raeder

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Adolf Hitler at the launch of Prinz Eugen, 22 August 1938

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Adolf Hitler greeting Admiral Erich Raeder prior to boarding the German battleship SCHARNHORST. The photo has the original German caption, however a portion is missing, and it is not dated. From the reference to the TIRPITZ and SCHARNHORST, and Admiral Raeder appointed as the first Grand Admiral (Großadmiral) of the Third Reich, it would have been taken on April 1, 1939. The launch of the TIRPITZ and promotion were concurrent events, the promotion ceremony on the quarterdeck of the SCHARNHORST.

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