Saturday, December 5, 2009

Adolf Hitler Pictures in Opening Ceremonies

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The construction site of the Imperial Highway in Unterhaching near Münich on 21 March 1934, the scene of the historic moment in which Adolf Hitler, surrounded by his comrades in the second labor battle that wants to beat Germany in the Third Reich initiated. In a large tiefangelegten and of the highest idealism of practical and communicative style of speech, the leader of the objectives of the new struggle was, and called on the German people to their incessant arguing against the new unemployment. The speech was broadcast during an hour-long general peace in Germany working in all enterprises and public squares in the German cities and towns.

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Adolf Hitler with a spade in front of decorated Lore in the groundsbreaking of Reichsautobahn ceremony on Walserberg near Salzburg, Austria, 7 April 1938. Behind Hitler is Dr. Fritz Todt

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Adolf Hitler at the ground-breaking ceremony of the Reichsautobahn 23 September 1933

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Adolf Hitler and Fritz Sauckel on Nazi opening ceremony

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Adolf Hitler honoring Labor Corps Leader Constantin Hierl. Hitler laid the cornerstone for a stadium built to accommodate 250,000 people. Dated September 16, 1937

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Adolf Hitler striking the first hammer blow on the cornerstone of the Richard Wagner National building in Leipzig on March 6, 1934

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